Awake and Unafraid
"Today I saw your face and I lost my breath a little but I didn’t collapse like I would have six months ago."I still miss you sometimes but I’m not drowning anymore and maybe they were right when they said it gets better (via extrasad)

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Whadda cheesy head he is. My cheesy head tho. ♡

I have school in the morning, and I can’t sleep lol. THIS WEEKEND HAS BEEN TOO PERFECT HOW CAN I SLEEP??? But i miss cute boy and keep listening to songs that make me whiney and frustrated and cute boy is ASLEEP AND HAS BEEN FOR LIKE 2 HOURS LOL.

But if I went to sleep I would be rested for when I see said boy tomorrow at school???? BUT LOLNOPE APPARENTLY MY BRAIN FORBIDS SLUMBER RN.

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Gloom Rock, Sadcore ♥

6:35, 8.7.14, Cimarron, NM.
Again, Ashton responds to my cheesy date night stories.

Photograph by Emily Berl


I saw this when I was walking home, and it just made me sad.